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Hello, and thank you for visiting my store. For sale are unused, verified working, digital movie and television codes from the United States, that I own. These are extra copies from my collection. Codes are verified as working and redeemable before sending to a buyer. They work on services like Movies Anywhere, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video and FandangoNow. See individual item descriptions for details.

At my site, you can rely on personalized - not automated - service.

I personally email the codes within 6-12 hours of purchase under most circumstances (most times, even sooner). While I do not have instant delivery (please see other, sometimes more expensive websites for that service), be assured that I have received your order and that it will be filled.

Orders are processed in the order that they are received. Please do not email me asking when you will receive the codes, or to tell me that you or your child really want to watch the movie right at this moment (no line cutting!) - this does not speed up the process; it slows it down. Again, there are plenty of quality instant delivery website services. Please feel free to visit them.

Opened in September 2015. Thank you all so much for your support. Without you, I would not be able to continue to bring you quality movies and TV shows at reasonable prices.

References are available by request. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended - this shop promotes the use of legal licensed media over pirated unlicensed media. Click to view by format or price categories to see my full current inventory.

Please bookmark my site ( and follow my store and buy here with confidence!

Based on actual day-to-day questions from real people!


Q: Why do you limit Buyers to 1 item per person?
A: The main reason I limit purchases to 1 per customer is because I am not in the business of supplying re-sellers with codes. Sometimes I get good deals and I try to pass them on to as many customers as I can. If your friend/mom/dad/relative needs their own code, please share my website with them.

I have asked Tictail repeatedly for a feature that would prevent customers from placing more than 1 of each item in their shopping cart. Hopefully someday they will create that feature. In the meantime, I manually track orders by customer and determine if a customer has already purchased an item.

Q: I got a promo code from Tictail for 10% off a purchase. I applied the promo code but then when I went to checkout there was an error message that the promo code did not work. WHY?!?
A: This particular promo code only works if you pay using Tictail's credit card system. It does not work with Paypal.
I personally am not offering this promo code. The promo code is from Tictail. Please don't expect me to refund you 10% back out of my pocket. If you have questions about Tictail's promo code, contact them at

Q: I'm trying to search for a movie or TV show but I keep getting results from other Tictail stores. I don't want to shop there, I want to know if you, Nick, have the products. Why is the search function doing that?
A: The odds are that you are on Tictail's Marketplace where they pool all of the store search results (think Amazon or eBay). Here is the solution - go to my custom website and use the search function at the top of the page. It only allows you to search my current website inventory. Go here:

Q: You mention it can sometimes take 6-12 hours (often less than that) to send codes to customers. If I haven't received my code as fast as I hoped or as fast as the last time I ordered, should I email you?

A: Only if it is outside of the 12 hour time range or the estimated delivery time on your receipt. Sometimes a mistake can occur, and if for some reason you have not received your codes after 12 hours or the estimated delivery time listed on your receipt, then please contact me and include your order number.

One of the most common things that I've had happen with multiple customers is my email and Tictail's emails get placed in customer Spam folders. Please consider checking your spam email if you have not received your order within the time period specified on the receipt, before contacting me.

Another common occurrence is when the customer doesn't input their email address correctly at checkout. A simple typo can lead to a customer thinking that I have not sent codes because the email was sent to the wrong address.

If it is within the estimated delivery period listed on your receipt, and you email me asking "when will I get my code?", you have accomplished nothing except to tell me you are either impatient or you just click and buy without reading anything. Each product listing has a reminder that your estimated delivery time will be on your receipt. And there are easily accessible links on each item listing to this page, which describe how I operate.

I can help you if your problem is real, but if you are whiny and/or upset that you didn't get your codes instantly or as fast as the last time you ordered, then move along. Sometimes I sleep. Sometimes I leave the house and am not online. Remember, I didn't force you to click the purchase button. 

Q: Is this illegal?
A: No. To the contrary, this promotes the use of licensed digital media over unlicensed, pirated media. This is no more illegal than buying a licensed blu ray from Walmart or Best Buy. In other words: it is not illegal.

Q: Don't some movie slips say they are not transferable?
A: Yes. Because some movie companies do not want you to redeem the codes. When you redeem the codes, the movie companies receive less money. It's simple business. They want you to pay full retail price (usually around $15-$20 per movie). The movie companies work out deals with the online retailers (Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, etc.) and if a customer redeems a code, the movie company receives less money than they would if the customer bought the movie directly from the online retailer at full price. Naturally, movie studios want to discourage third-party transfers of codes because the more codes that are redeemed, the less money they receive. But just because they write something on a piece of paper does not make it illegal. Essentially, they created this system but now they are trying to scare you away from purchasing digital codes from online stores and underground online "communities" because they want to make more money.

Q: Is it illegal to redeem early release codes?

A: Again, no. Use common sense here - if the movie company didn't want you to redeem it early, they would not release the codes early or agree to activate the licenses on the viewing platforms early.

Q: iTunes codes are now getting a free upgrade to 4K from Apple, in some instances. Did you know that? Are you going to be raising your prices on iTunes codes?
A: I am aware of this change. One of the main reasons iTunes codes used to be less expensive was that the video quality was less than what Vudu offered. Seeing as the video quality is increasing in some instances, I don't see it as necessarily fair to continue to charge Vudu customers more for codes that redeem in a lower quality. I also know you need to buy a 4K Apple TV device to watch the 4K iTunes movies in 4K - so even if you own 4K on iTunes, you may not be able to watch it in that quality if you don't own a 4K Apple TV device.

All that being said, my combined prices on split iTunes and UV codes will remain generally the same. There will be some evening out of the prices for iTunes codes, and as a result, some better prices for UV codes.

Here is a link to my current inventory of 4K eligible iTunes codes:

Q: Do Movies Anywhere HD codes that you sell that redeem through Movies Anywhere and port/transfer into iTunes get the free 4K upgrade from iTunes (for example, Sony and WB movie codes)?

A:   No.  They port/transfer in HD. 

Q:  Can Sony and WB movie codes be redeemed directly in iTunes?

A: No. 

Q: Which movie titles are not Movies Anywhere eligible? 

A:  Here is the answer straight from Movies Anywhere website as of November 2017: " Movies Anywhere features a wide range of films from Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., Universal and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. At this time, movies from non-participating studios such as Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM are not eligible and will not migrate to your Movies Anywhere library. As Movies Anywhere evolves, we will continue to add more content partners."

Q:  Why do your codes vary in price? Your codes should all cost one low price!

A:  Codes vary in price depending on supply at the moment and how hard-to-find a code might be. Remember, all codes have to come from a blu ray/digital combo pack, and these are produced in different quantities by manufacturers. 

Things that I have to factor in when I am pricing my codes include how much money I have to pay in taxes, potential Paypal fees and potential Tictail fees.

Please don't send me offers on my codes - or think that you have any right to dictate what price they should be - they are priced with purpose.

  Why are early release codes more expensive?

A: Because there is a limited quantity available. If you want the movie or TV show earlier than everyone else, you pay a higher premium.

Q: When will you sell 4K/Ultra High-Definition (UHD) movie codes from 4K blu rays?

  I have started to sell 4K codes that are verifiable on Movies Anywhere. Important to remember: each movie company's 4K/UHD codes redeem differently and some do not transfer into Vudu in UHD or into iTunes in 4K. For example, iTunes may carry a movie in 4K that Vudu does not have the 4K rights to yet. Each online platform has to obtain 4K licensing rights from the movie companies and sometimes one platform will have a movie in 4K quality before the other platform.

Q: I purchased a UV code and redeemed it in Vudu, but I forgot that I already owned it. Can I have a refund or a store credit from you?

A:   No. You burned the code and it is not reusable and cannot be undone.

This is one of the worst features of Vudu - they allow you to redeem the same movie twice. The code will be stored indefinitely, until the end of time, in your "Saved Promotions" section of your Vudu Account settings.

I have emailed Vudu's customer service and asked if they can "un-redeem" a code - that is not possible, according to Vudu.

I'm sorry if you redeemed the same movie twice, but I have done the same thing myself several times and never got a refund or a second chance. Please don't expect me to be liable to you for Vudu's sloppy programming (and your mistake). Instead, email Vudu's customer service at and complain to them about their progamming.

Q:  Why do you sell full Disney codes but other websites sell split Disney codes (where the Google Play redeem is sold separately)?

A: Disney codes were meant to be 1 single redemption. However, there currently is a glitch (which Disney is aware of but has not yet fixed) which allows Disney codes to be split and redeemed twice - once through Movies Anywhere and once through Google Play. Most of the Google Play versions will port across linked Movies Anywhere accounts.

I choose to only sell full Disney codes because Disney is aware of the glitch and is known to track their codes and the accounts they are redeemed with. I only provide 100% full, unadulterated, glitch-free Disney codes - so that you as a Buyer do not have to worry about potential action from Disney on your account. However, I have no problems with buyers and sellers who choose to use split Disney codes. This glitch has been around long enough. If it was meant to be fixed, it would be done by now.

Q:  But you sell split Ultraviolet/iTunes codes. Isn't that hypocritical?

A:  No. Certain movie companies will allot 2 licenses per code - one for Ultraviolet/Movies Anywhere and one for iTunes. 

Q:  Can I split a Disney code that I buy from you?

A:  Once you have the code, you can do whatever you want with it. 


Q: Do you pre-sell codes before you have them?

A: No, I prefer to have the codes in hand before selling them, in the event there is a supplier issue. or an issue with a code (for example, if a code turns out to be only compatible with iTunes). 

Q: Why do you need my mailing address to buy a digital code?

A: I don't. My website is hosted by Tictail and they host a variety of shops, many of which need physical addresses to deliver products. Tictail's standard purchase form asks for this information. I personally do not collect or use your information. You can bypass this by entering a fake street address for Tictail's purposes, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Q: What's your website address that I should bookmark?


Q: My receipt says I am a "Tictail Shopper" (or the email Nick sends shows the Tictail Logo immediately next to my name), but my friend's receipt doesn't say or show that. What does this mean?

A:  If you made your initial purchase from me using a link you found on Tictail's Marketplace or the Tictail app, then that means you are a "Tictail Shopper" and I have to pay Tictail a 10% commission for every purchase you make from me.

Depending on how you link into my store, if you sign into a Paypal account, and the email address you use at checkout will determine whether you are a Tictail Shopper (and subject me to paying a commission) or a Custom Shop visitor (I pay no commission to Tictail). 

Q: What do you mean when you say 'only redeem the "x" portion of the code'?

A: This is my standard text I have developed to remind customers only to redeem what they have paid for. I send this same language to all of my customers.

If you prefer to buy a full UV/iTunes code from other stores, I completely understand and appreciate any business we have done or might do. You can buy a full code from me by adding both the UV and iTunes products to your cart for the same movie.

For me to continue to bring you low and reasonably priced codes I need to be able to have a trusting relationship with my customers - 99.9% of whom I have never met. That is a huge leap of faith. Please do not use some tired, over-used excuse like "I was just paying it forward" as your reason to steal from me. You will be banned - plain and simple.

Q: I am new here and/or hesitant. Is this a scam site?

A: No. If it was, more than 1,500 people would not be following it.

Q: But where's the flash?

A: On the other websites! I am a real human being and spend my time working on things that I find most productive on my website.

Q:  I shop at a variety of online code stores and at other stores it seems like their price is always changing by a few pennies. Why is that?

A: Because other shops think it is a smart investment of their time to constantly check on and undercut their competitor pricing by a few cents (quite lame, in my opinion). You will not see that here.

Q:  I want this really hard to find code that was only produced once in a 3D Blu-Ray combo pack a couple years ago, but I can't find it. Can you find this code for me cheap?

A:  If I find the code, you should expect the price will be commensurate with the conditions that surround the code.

Q: Why don't you accept Paypal e-check payments?

A:  Because I don't hold codes for 3-5 business days waiting for payment to clear.

Q: I know you said you sell codes that are meant to be redeemed in the USA - but I am in "X" country (not the USA). Do you know if the code for (insert title here) will work if I use a VPN? Can you recommend a VPN for me? What is a VPN?

A:  No, I don't know and no I can't. I live in the USA and don't use a VPN, so I don't know what VPN program you should use or if the code will work for you outside of the USA. If you want to use a VPN to redeem outside of the USA, do your own research.

Q: I am an iTunes user and I just bought a Fox and/or Disney and/or Lionsgate movie code. I want to redeem it on iTunes but the code you sent me doesn't work! WHY?!?!?!?!

A: You will receive specific instructions on how to redeem codes these types of codes into iTunes. 

If you want to redeem a Fox code into iTunes (when iTunes is licensed as a redemption option), first you have to go to and redeem the code I send you, and then choose iTunes, wherein you will receive a new iTunes code to use on iTunes.

If you want to redeem a Disney code into iTunes, first you have to go to and redeem the code I send you, and then choose iTunes, wherein you will receive a new iTunes code to use on iTunes.

Newer Lionsgate codes that have iTunes licenses also follow this pattern.  If you want to redeem a newer Lionsgate code into iTunes, first you have to go to and redeem the code I send you, and then choose iTunes, wherein you will receive a new iTunes code to use on iTunes. 

Q: Do you pay your taxes on the codes you sell? My receipt says no tax was charged or collected.

A: Yes, of course. I have figured the cost of taxes into the prices you see.

Q: Do other stores and sellers pay their taxes?

A: The reputable ones do. Many probably do not. You should ask them. :)

Q: Would you give me a permanent "X" % off promo code? I am (or would be) a really good customer and I swear I will only buy codes from you.

A: This proposition always makes me laugh. The answer is no. I don't expect my customers to get all of their codes solely from me.  I treat all my customers fairly. If you think you deserve or are entitled to a permanent promo code then this isn't the store for you.

Q: Do you give senior citizen and/or military discounts? Today is my birthday, can I have a discount? I'm a first time customer, can I have a discount?

A: No. I treat all my customers fairly and equally.

Q: Will you send me an email every time you add a new product?

A: No. Please bookmark my website ( and check in regularly.

Q:  What is the difference between HDX and HD and SD?

A: HDX is 1080p quality; high-defintion (HD) is 720p quality; and standard definition (SD) is 480p. SD is like watching a DVD and HDX is like watching a blu ray.

Q:  Is that part of the reason why UV HDX codes are more expensive than iTunes HD and Google Play HD codes? 

A: Yes, that is part of the reason. In general in life, the higher the quality, the more something costs.

Q: I purchased an Apple TV device and am primarily an iTunes user. But there are movie companies that don't make codes for iTunes (for example, sometimes Lionsgate are UV only codes). I really want to be able to watch those movies that don't have codes for iTunes. What are my options?

A: It's my understanding that VUDU is now available as an app on the Apple TV device. VUDU has the largest HD library among the major players (Vudu, iTunes, Google Pay, Amazon, Fandango Now, etc. ). You could open an account on VUDU and use the app on Apple TV to watch those UV-only code movies. Alternatively, if you want to keep your library entirely in iTunes you can pay iTunes the full price or wait for them to go on sale on iTunes. 

Q: I have a redemption issue question or real redemption problem. Can I contact you for help?

A: Yes, of course! That is part of the service I provide. My email address is and you can click the Contact button to reach me there.

If it is a problem I can help with, I will do my best to help with suggestions and tips and contact information for the various movie studio companies so that you can contact them if needed.

However, if for example, you wait more than 2 weeks and then email me to say that I sent you an invalid code or that the code has already been redeemed - you will be ignored. And if you don't try to contact me by email first and instead initially contact me through Paypal or by filing a complaint through Tictail, you will be banned.

Q: Tictail sent me an email asking me to rate my satisfaction and experience buying from your store. Can you (Nick) see the ratings and who gave the ratings? Can you remove me so I don't receive these emails?

A: Yes I can see every rating and who gave the ratings.  I also can and do publicly reply to unfounded and biased negative reviews. Before you leave me a poor rating, please consider emailing and communicating with me to see if there is anything that can be done.

No, I can not manually remove you from these survey emails. I am not a fan of this Tictail program and have already voiced several suggestions, concerns and complaints to Tictail. Unfortunately, they do not give me control over whether or not the emails are sent.