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Christopher Robin & Goodbye Christopher Robin Vudu HDX or iTunes HD or Google Play HD or Movies Anywhere HD Codes

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iTunes user note: when redeeming Goodbye Christopher Robin through, there is an iTunes redeem option to receive an iTunes code to get a free 4K upgrade from iTunes. 

Disney's Christopher Robin will be in HD (not 4K).

Up for sale is a single redemption 2-pack bundle of codes for Christopher Robin and Goodbye Christopher Robin. This contains 1 code for each movie.

Christopher Robin (a full HD/HDX code with 150 Disney Movies Reward points) can be redeemed through  into your preferred platform (like iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Movies Anywhere, Amazon Video and FandangoNow).

Goodbye Christopher Robin  is a single redemption digital HDX Vudu or iTunes 4K or Google Play HD or Movies Anywhere HD code, redeemable through

Each movie includes a variety of extra features on the different viewing platforms (see screenshots). Individually each movie retails for approximately $14.99-$19.99 each.

Limit 1 bundle per customer.

The artwork shown in the first picture in this item listing is not included

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